Monday, December 24, 2012

God, not gun control

As a Christian and a pastor, my heart breaks for the families in Newtown, Connecticut. I cannot imagine losing my child or grandchild, but I realize the anguish and pain being borne by those families in Newtown is more overwhelming than I could ever comprehend. The cry from many is for gun control. While I fully support reasonable restriction on firearms (no selling to convicted felons, mentally ill, illegal immigrants, etc.) I cannot condone the disarming of our great nation. The truth of the matter is this: guns are but a means for those who want to do harm to others to achieve that end. We already have background checks in place, and we can strengthen those to a degree without infringing on our rights. Many have said that the Second Amendment is outdated. The reasoning is that our founding fathers didn't foresee a strong military and defense policies, and thus the citizen doesn't need more weapons. I strongly disagree. Is the military going to be there to protect my home from a home invasion? Will the military be there if someone breaks into my home at 3 a.m. to rob me and kill my family, or rape my wife? No, that's my job. Every law abiding citizen (I stress the law abiding aspect) should have a firearm inside their home. I do not mean to leave it lying in reach of a child. Leaving the bullets in one room and the gun in the other, though, is on the opposite end of the spectrum and is useless. Use common sense, keep the guns out of reach of children until they are old enough to understand to leave them alone, and be prepared to protect your home. The real problem in this nation is a backsliding from God, from His Holy Word, and into a level of depravity that rivals that of Babylon. The majority of our nation believes that God is better out of sight, out of mind. They believe in all paths to God, they believe in two consenting adults doing what they want to, they believe in watered down religion rather than Christianity, and they don't believe in respecting God, the Church, or the Bible. Parents don't raise their children to respect God. I realize, some parents try hard and external influences cause the children to stray, but many parents don't take their children to church. They don't explain the importance of the Bible. They don't teach God's version of morality. They teach man's version. Then, they wonder why their children grow up to have sex as teens, to lie, cheat, steal, to live off the government, and to commit crime. We need stronger laws to help mentally ill in this nation. I do not mean to throw them in a room and forget about them, but they need better resources for help, and if their families cannot care for them, safeguards need to be in place to protect them from themselves and to protect society from them. The faster we turn back to God, and return to His ways, His Word, His knowledge, His love, the less school shootings, movie theatre shootings and mall shootings we will have. Without God, there is no law, no justice, that can ever govern our lives in the way they should be governed. God bless, and amen!

Good to be back

It certainly feels good to be writing this again. I took a break, due to the declining health of my mother. She passed away in December 2011, and it's been quite a year. My family and I have been so blessed. We made it through the struggle of losing her, and learning to live without her, and now we are embracing, though bittersweet, the next chapters in our lives. The year hasn't been without it's downside, though. It's been difficult at times spiritually and emotionally, as with any Christian, but I still trust the Lord. I hope to be able to write more frequently, and look forward to gaining more followers. God bless you all and have a blessed New Year!

Monday, August 22, 2011

America needs to wake up

What has become of this once unrivaled nation we call America? I'm as patriotic as anyone, but I don't like what I see going on around me. We've become a nation that caters to our enemies in the Middle East, while forsaking our own homeless and poor here. Those who don't want to work don't have to. They can sit home while those of us who still work pay for them to sit home. If you genuinely need help, in most instances, you can't get it.

We are training soldiers of Middle Eastern countries who have for generations hated us and Israel. Many have forgotten that Osama bin Laden was one of those young soldiers that many years ago trained at the hands of the the American military, only to use our own training against us on September 11, 2001. Now, we are training a whole new generation that can just as easily turn on us down the road.

Our veterans are not accorded the respect they deserve. Many of them struggle to live on welfare with little help from the nation they protected and sacrificed for. They deserve better, America.

Congress won't let us drill for oil on our own soil. Instead, we buy oil from overseas, supporting countries who shake our hands but stab us in the back by funneling oil revenue into the hands of terrorists.

The liberal Congress we unfortunately elected believes they know better than we do what is best for our families. The great Ronald Reagan believed that the money we earned is ours to allocate and spend as we see fit. Our current president believes that he and Congress should tell us how to spend our money.

Thomas Jefferson warned that a government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have, and in this era, that's more truthful than ever. Our government is slowly taking us into the realms of socialism and communism, and the sad part is, the majority of our citizes are letting them do it.

When are we going to say enough is enough? When are we going to take a stand for Biblical, honest, Christian values and shove these godless, atheistic, false prophets out of office?

George Washington said America has but one King. His name is Jesus Christ. It's the job of the president to watch over the land until He gets back. With that being said, our current president is doing one sorry job of watching over things until our Lord and Savior gets back. May God have mercy on us.

Congress got it wrong...again!

The President and most of Congress got it all wrong again. They just don't understand it. If I go to my bank and tell them I can't pay my loan, they tell me tough luck. If the government says it can't pay its debt, we're supposed to say, "Hey, come over here, my wallet is your wallet."

Rather than make meaningful spending cuts, and trying to toughen immigration laws, they instead cobbled together a meaningless piece of legislative propaganda that only postpones the inevitable, which is actually dealing with the debt crisis.

Here are some points Congress apparently missed:
A. We have 12.5 million, give or take a few thousand, illegal immigrants in this country who are able to receive food stamps, medical care, and other benefits without actually paying for them, like actual Americans do. They pay no taxes, except sales tax when they buy something. Most of them work for cash, pay with cash, and no one can trace the money.

The President and liberal leaders say legalize them! They'll help us with the economy! News flash: that's just plain wrong-headed thinking. They are here working under the table so they don't have to pay taxes! Do you think they will just come out of the woodwork and start volunteering to work jobs where they have to give up some of that money in taxes?

B. Money going overseas. If Congress would stop borrowing from our enemy, China, just to send that money to other countries as annual foreign aid, it would help balance our budget. We are not obligated to these other countries! We should have never gotten in bed with China, but our government has borrowed us into financial slavery to a Communist nation! Now, whenever China feels we've lost our status in the world, all they have to do is pull their money out of our economy and we sink. Try explaining that to the liberals in Washington, who will borrow yet more money from China before the year is over.

C. Stop taxing American companies so much. One of the reasons our American companies leave for overseas are the high taxes here, and our government wants to tax them more. Now, I'm not defending companies going overseas and abandoning the American worker, but at the same time, no one seems to be blaming the government for the high taxes we put on these companies.

D. Stop meaningless government studies. The federal government recently spent more than $1 million on a study about the health of homosexual men with active sex lives. This isn't the only frivolous use of our tax dollars.

E. Drill for our own oil. It's less expensive to drill at home than pay the high prices OPEC demands. Millions of dollars in tax revenues are being flushed down a Middle East toilet as we continue to buy oil from countries who hate us. The oil under our own feet can bring millions in tax dollars, then provide jobs, which brings millions more in tax dollars. Then, those dollars we are spending overseas on oil will be spent here, and it's a double shot of financial profit right here at home.

Sadly, though, the President and Congress could care less whether the little blue collar worker in Tennessee or Alabama is having their own debt crisis, or health crisis, or any other type of crisis. As long as they have the money to spend, spend, spend, we have to keep coming up the money to pay, pay, pay. Unfortunately, they're all deaf, and we are the only ones who can hear the piper playing. He's getting louder, and louder, and louder....

Friday, April 29, 2011

Abortion and adoption

We have reached a sad state in our nation when it costs more to save a human life than it does to kill it.

I have been researching adoption costs and fees, and the amount it takes to adopt a child from right here in America is staggering. Every adoption agency I have checked with says the fee is as little as $5,000 up to as much as $14,000, depending on the child's age, the particular agency, the financial needs of the birth mother, etc.

There are grants and aid that can be applied for, but the amount out-of-pocket can still be more than most everyday, working-class families can afford.

Sadly, though, organizations such as Planned Parenthood will gladly abort a child for free, without cost to the parent. They continue to find unique ways to advertise their services to kill our unborn children, and our federal government funds their efforts.

There are many families in this nation unable to have children of their own, and they would love to adopt an unwanted child and give it the love and attention it deserves. But, with those expensive costs associated with adoption, many families are left unable to foot the bill to adopt.

Maybe it's time to start charging all of these women who think they have a right to abort a defenseless, unborn child some of the same fees it takes to adopt a living one, and see if they might reconsider placing a child for adoption, rather than murdering it in cold blood.

Until we place more value on a human life than we do on unborn children in this country, our murder rate will continue to escalate.

More signs we're in trouble

Rising gas prices. More states signing on to allow gay marriages. A plan by the federal government to slip abortions in the back door and call it reproductive care. More juveniles in the court system. Pregnancy among middle school students. Severe cuts to Medicare. Rising food prices. The destruction of farm land for industry, making land intended for food production into a building to produce machines. Persecution rising against Christians in this nation.

What is all this pointing to?

Folks, those who read their Bibles and then compare it to world events and situations can see we are fast approaching the time of tribulation and the return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Many call it pessimism, but the truth is, we are on a downhill slope heading away from God and redemption. The majority of this nation seems hell-bent on self destruction and the removal of God from all aspects of life.

2 Chronicles 7:14 shows us that God is willing to forgive and restore our nation if we let him, but therein lies the problem: we have chosen to ignore the pleadings of God and continue to move further and further away from him. If you will read the first chapter of Romans, it's like reading a description of the modern-day United States. It's a stiff indictment of where we are now versus where we've been.

Sadly, many churches are more worried about political correctness and the offering plate than the truth in God's Word. The Bible is not and never will be politically correct, and guess what, neither is God!

If you will study and preach the Word of God and stop worrying about the offering plate, God will make sure the money is there to take care of the church's needs.

It's time to stop letting the liberals of this country, regardless of political party, push God out of our lives. It's time to put Him back in our daily lives, to respect His word, to learn of His plan for our salvation, and to teach our children the ways of the Lord.

I truly believe, folks, we are past at least one point of no return. Before we pass the absolute final one, rethink your relationship with God and ask Him for the wisdom to turn your life around.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Don't ask, don't tell...

The federal government has passed legislation that repeals the 17-year-old ban on gays openly serving in the military. This is despite objections from the combat troops themselves who did not want the ban repealed.

This is being done in the name of social justice. Other things have been done in the name of social justice that have ended up being tragedies in the history of America: government assistance for illegal immigrants, legalized abortion, legal gay marriage (in some states), prayer removed from school, the ACLU being allowed to operate freely without consequences, and the Ten Commandments being removed from the court system. After all, God forbid a thief read "Thou shalt not steal!"

In the latest case of supposedly good intentions gone awry, our federal government will put openly gay soldiers into the military, giving special priviledges to a few and treading on the rights of the majority.

Our soldiers have enough to worry about without having the added burden of serving alongside those whose presence will be a distraction to the soldier trying to protect himself and his unit from the enemy on the field. This also sends a negative message to our youth: it's okay to be gay.

Let's throw out the nonsense here. People are not born gay. God does not make mistakes. He tells us plainly He knew us before we were even born. He is not going to create a less than perfect person. We are all created in His image, flawless. We make our own decisions. I chose to follow Christ. If I were gay, it would be by my choice, not by God's choice.

When we tell our youth that it's okay to be gay, we are telling them it is okay to sin against God. God calls homosexuality an abomination. That's a very strong word, and it literally means something that should not exist.

God loves us all, gays and heteros alike. What he hates is the sin. When a heterosexual commits adultery, God hates that sin. When a heterosexual commits murder, God hates that sin. When a gay person practices their lifestyle, God hates that sin. What God loves, though, is the person who commits the sin. That's why even heinous sinners such as Paul in the New Testament sin, God loves them and offers them a chance for redemption.

By allowing gays to serve openly in the military, we're removing some of the consequences for their actions. We're paving the way for our young people to be influenced by this sect of our society into choosing the path of homosexuality.

Not only have we placed our soldiers in greater jeopardy with these latest Congressional rulings, but we have removed one more barrier between the family and moral bankruptcy.